Wednesday, March 09, 2011

HB 235 Opposition Testimony

TransGriot Note:  There was a committee hearing at 1 PM EST today for HB 235 in Annapolis.  (In)Equality Maryland and the trans sellouts enabling this unjust bill's passage have turned up the Gay, Inc Noise Machine in their attempt to obfuscate and silence opposition to their plan to ram though a travesty of a trans rights bill.

And I have to compare and contrast this with how things happened in Canada with Bill C-389. I watched as an openly gay MP writes a comprehensive trans civil rights bill after consultation with a cross section of Canadian transpeople.   A coalition made up of the TBLG community, MP's, labor unions and allies got behind the civil rights bill to get it passed through the House of Commons. 

They have the money, sellouts, the Gay, Inc Noise Machine and spinmeisters on their side.  We're armed with the truth about this bill.   We are not going to allow that civil rights malpractice to happen without screaming long and loud about it inside and outside the borders of Maryland.

I had a Maryland trans resident who testified against the bill share her testimony with me yesterday.  I promised her that I wouldn't post it until 3 PM CST today, and the TransGriot keeps her word. 

Here's what she had to say.


Does anyone remember seeing signs like this in their lifetime? Time was, signs like these were commonplace, even right here in the Free State. We like to think that these signs are now just a relic of a shameful past, but that’s sadly not the case. Today, as we observe the 46th anniversary of Martin Luther King, Jr’s historic march from Selma to the Edmund Pettus Bridge, signs like these might be making a comeback here in Maryland. The words will be different, but the message they send remains the same.

The message is that an entire class of Americans, of Marylanders, residents of the Free State, your constituents, through no fault or choice of their own, is told that they are somehow not deserving of the same basic rights as everyone else. The rights to be protected from discrimination in employment, housing, credit and PUBLIC ACCOMMODATION.

There’s been a lot of talk in discussion of the legislation before us today about bathrooms. There is concern that the presence of trans people in public bathrooms and similar facilities will result in some form of harassment or molestation. To those who express these concerns, I would say just grow up. I would also observe that never has a single such incident involving a transgender person been documented, while on the other hand, these concerns are not entirely unfounded. Numerous prominent members of the business community, religious and political figures and entertainment personalities have been exposed in widely publicized cases of this sort of inappropriate conduct in men’s rooms and other similar public places. What all of these people have in common is that most of them are gay men. And yet, these individuals are fully protected from discrimination in public accommodation arising from their sexual orientation.

It must also be noted that the expression “public accommodation” does not apply exclusively to public bathrooms, showers and changing facilities. Public accommodation also includes schools, libraries, hospitals, restaurants and retail establishments. It is not an exaggeration to characterize lack of protection from discrimination in public accommodation in the same way as one would the idea of segregated lunch counters. Segregated lunch counters in 2011. In Maryland.

We did not come here today to offer you a challenge, but to offer an opportunity. Today, you have the opportunity to send a message to your constituents that you will settle for nothing less than full equality for all Marylanders, for all Americans. In mathematical expression, the equal sign tells us that the values that appear on either side of it are exactly the same. Exactly equal. This symbol cannot be used unless those values are exactly the same, without exception. And so it must be outside the realm of mathematics, right here in Maryland. The Free State.

Please, amend Maryland House Bill 235 to include protection from discrimination in public accommodation. If you will not amend the legislation to include this language, then we transgender Marylanders insist that the bill be immediately withdrawn from consideration. 

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