Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Vanilla Scent In The Transsexual Separatist Room

Every few years we have this dustup that occurs in the trans community and Transosphere in which a small but loud group of transsexual/HBS/WBT separatist take to the internets beyond their little corner of the Web and start loudly proclaiming how they are being 'oppressed' , 'marginalized',  yadda yadda yadda  because of the 'Tee Gees'. and they want to 'be free' of that oppression..

But the way they go about it is demonizing other transpeople or using hate filled radical lesbian feminist rhetoric and circular arguments to do so.   And anyone who calls them out on their crap like myself, Autumn Sandeen or hexydezimal incurs their wrath     

There's a reason when I verbally or in my written stuff pimp slap them around I call them the WWBT's or White Women Born Transsexual.

Note that the vast majority of the people making these tired arguments are predominately white heterosexual oriented trans people who have had SRS.   .And for those WWBT's who claim they don't, why are our rad fem haters quoting verbatim the scribblings of WWBT individuals like TS-SI or Enough Nonsense when they attack transpeople on their waste of bandwith blogs?   

It's a no brainer given that the trans umbrella contains a diverse community of people.   The trans end of it contains pre-ops, post-ops like the WWBT's and non-ops.    We are all women who happened to be born in masculine body shells, and did or are doing what we have to do to evolve and become the women we were born to be.

But what causes the problem in Transosphere community discourse is the widespread belief in WWBT Bizarro World that anyone who hasn't had surgery is automatically NOT a transssexual, which is bull feces.  It reinforces the very genitalia vs gender argument that transpeople bristle and fight against when it's spat at us by the Religious Reich, the GL community and the rad fems..

The other problem is that this neocoochie centric argument is overflowing with vanilla scented privilege

It also ignores the fact that some people may have originally self identified with the gay, crossdresser or drag/female illusionist labels despite living 24/7/365 as women.   As they gain more information and grow confident in their feminine evolution they claim their place in the transsexual end of the umbrella.

The WWBT's falsely claim their isn't a trans community, shortsightedly refuse to even consider that people can evolve or straight up label anyone that identifies that way as a 'Tee Gee'..   They also refuse to see the privilege that is exposed when they make such vanillacentric arguments.

Non white transpeople shake their heads as they watch the online drama unfold.   We want and need civil rights coverage ASAP, not divisive 'white transsexual thang' transsexuals vs transgender arguments.. We're too busy having to deal with the same real world concerns of our cisgender African-American and Latino/a brothers and sisters.

If these WWBT's want to argue over terms, maybe its time that we Black transpeople do what Black women did in the late 80's.   When feminism was ignoring our voices, ignoring the role race and class play in these issues, Black women said 'Enough!' and separated themselves from the madness.

I don't have a problem with people wishing to identify as transsexuals.   If they want to identify themselves by their medical condition, they can do that all day long.   Where I have a problem with it is when you do unto me what you accuse others of doing unto you, demonize anyone who doesn't accept your 'my way of the highway' dogma, or calls your azzes out about your duplicitous bull feces.

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