Saturday, March 26, 2011

Wanna Know Why We Have Problems With Our Gay 'Allies'?

Because at times they are worse than our right wing oppressors.

We have a prime example of that going on with the current push to pass the unjust HB 235 law in Maryland.

InEquality Maryland since they lost on their gay marriage bill, is now hellbent on passing a flawed and worthless trans rights bill onto a community that has told them repeatedly they don't want it without public accommodations language in it.

This blog isn't the only one griping about HB 235 and the shady way that InEquality Maryland is ramming this bill through,.

I Guess HRC Has Exclusive Rights To The Phrase 'Discrimination Free Zone, Eh?

The Continuing Con Artistry Of Morgan Meneses-Pinocet And Free State (Always Will And Forever Be) Just Us

Meltdown At Equality Maryland?

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