Saturday, December 18, 2010

Report States Eldercare Providers Ill Trained To Help TBLlG Seniors

TransGriot Note:  Photo is of another one of our distinguished trans pioneers Miss Major 

I wrote back in October it was past time for the trans community to start serious discussion on and come up with a plan now for dealing with the issues transgender senior citizens will face as we age.

Um, can y'all hear me now?

According to a report from the University of Minnesota and the PFund Foundation, an organization that specializes in gay rights issues, eldercare facilities are ill equipped and trained to help TBLG residents

Gee, why am I not surprised about hearing that?

According to the Twin Cities Pioneer Press, while agencies surveyed for the study say they treat clients in this population equally and are open to specialized training, funding for the training presents a challenge,

But as we know from painful experience already, it isn't enough for agencies to say they treat everyone fairly and equally.   We TBLG peeps know the policies have to be cast in concrete with clear penaltes for violating them up to and including termination.

The PFund Foundation suggests in the report that organizations supports GLBT seniors be created in addition to seeing more LGBT people sitting on the boards of social service organizations that serve seniors  

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