Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Cure For HIV/AIDS?

The pandemic that has killed over 25 million people and another 33 million live with that includes members of the trans community in the HIV virus, if trials performed in Berlin hold up under upcoming scientific scrutiny, may finally have found a cure for it..

In the wake on another World AIDS Day observance, it was nice to read the article that suggests that a cure for the disease may have been found using stem cell transplants.

According to the Huff Po article, Timothy Ray Brown, AKA the 'Berlin Patient' underwent a 2007 stem cell transplant as part of a long treatment regimen to combat leukemia     His doctors published a report in the medical journal Blood that suggests Brown has no trace of the HIV virus after extensive testing and a cure for the virus may have been achieved.  

While much testing remains to be done and the research continues in nations around the globe to fund that elusive cure, it nevertheless is wonderful news and a beacon of hope for people who are living with HIV/AIDS.

And it makes it even more important that we get universal health care in this country.

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