Wednesday, December 29, 2010

TransGriot Nuke A Troll 7-Southern Fried Fool

Well, since the countdown to the 150th anniversary of the War To Perpetuate Slavery was already jumped off by a December 20 Charleston SC ball marking the 150th anniversary of South Carolina's secession from the union,  the Southern revisionists have been working overtime trying to 'convince' me and other people that slavery wasn't the primary cause of the war.

Yeah, right.

It's time for the USS Monica to leave home port, cruise the cyber ocean and launch another 50 megatons of knowledge at some poor deluded fool or fools.

This time the rhetorical troll nuke tipped Tomahawks are aimed at someone calling themselves 'native confederate'.who tried to post Southern fried spin on a post I wrote stating the Civil War WAS about slavery

I am a native american i know the civil war was based on many things but never was it based on slavery i reenact the civil war and i where grey there was indians in the confederacy cherokee, choctaw, Lumbee, chicasaw and the last confederate general is general Stand Watie and he was a cherokee chief of the chorkee tribe. The civil war was based on state rights, freedom, lands and you think the union is good for how they forced us on the reservation.

Rhetorical Tomahawks spooling up.  Board is green.   Begin countdown   5...4...3...2..1  launch.

BULLSHIT.    The only thing consistently mentioned in the Declarations of Secession for all the CSA member states is slavery.

Let me spell it out for you so you can comprehend that point.   The major reason why the South seceded from the Union and instigated a treasonous war against the United States government was S-L-A-V-E-R-Y.

In this piece by Professor John Tures, he notes in the four state declarations that are available to peruse, the word “slave” appears a combined 82 times.  The CSA states even refer to themselves as “Slave-Holding States.”

The 'state's rights' term y'all like to pimp or any variation of it such as “State’s rights,” “states’ rights” or “states rights” do not appear in any of the four secession declarations.  The word “rights” appears 14 times and “right” appears 32 times according to Professor Tures, but many of these references involve “the right to own slaves.” 

You southern revisionists seem to continually ignore the Declarations of the Cause of Secession, the Cornerstone Speech of Confederate Vice President Alexander Stephens, and the recorded statements of many Southern politicians of the time that consistently stated across the board they were fighting to preserve slavery.

'Slavery was without question the occasion of secession'.   Confederate VP Alexander Stephens.    He repeated it twenty years later.

William Preston of South Carolina stated at the Democratic Convention in 1860 that  “Slavery is our King; slavery is our Truth; slavery is our Divine Right.”

Edward Bryan of South Carolina in his run for the governor's chair in 1860 stated, “Give us slavery or give us death!”

Confederate President Jefferson Davis, in an April 1861 address to the Confederate Congress said as part of that speech:    

“a persistent and organized system of hostile measures against the rights of the owners of slaves in the Southern States” had culminated in a political party dedicated to “annihilating in effect property worth thousands of dollars.” Since “the labor of African slaves was and is indispensable” to the South’s production of cotton, rice, sugar, and tobacco, “the people of the Southern States were driven by the conduct of the North to the adoption of some course of action to avert the danger with which they were openly menaced.”

'We went to war on account of the thing we quarreled with the North about.   I never heard of any other cause of quarrel than slavery.   John Mosby, Confederate guerrilla 

It was only after it was clear they were going to lose the war they jumped off in 1861 did they start the revisionist history campaign to try to paint their racist reason for starting the War To Perpetuate Slavery into 'The Lost Cause'. 

Historians ain't buying what you're trying to sell. 

As for the second comment he posted:

look up General Stand Watie i am historicaly correct about him. He was was the
General of the Trans Mississippi indian calvery. 

So?   Doesn't change the fact the Civil War was about slavery.   The bottom line is that anybody who fought for the South, including Stand Waite, was a traitor to the United States who was on the wrong side of the constitutional argument, morality and history.

The people who put on those gray uniforms may have fought gallantly, ably and well, but they don't get a pass.for that. They still chose to back a rebellious group of states, planters, and ambitious politicians who instigated the ruinous War To Perpetuate Slavery.
600,000 Americans died simply because the Southern planter class wanted to keep making money, keep from doing any manual labor, keep slavery alive by any means necessary because they saw the anti-slavery societal handwriting on the wall and keep my ancestors in chains.

Duck and cover, and don't look at the flash when the nuke explodes.

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