Thursday, December 16, 2010

Transpeople Are Part Of The Diverse Mosaic Of Life 10

Yes, we are.  

We're part of the diverse mosaic of life on Planet Earth and it's past time for y'all to recognize that.    We aren't going anywhere people, so just deal with the fact that we are going continue to claw, scratch and fight for our human rights despite your determination to not see that day happen.    

Outgoing 2009 Miss Amazing Philippine Beauties pageant queen Bem Bem May Razada

Former Italian MP Vladimir Luxuria in the Italian parliament during a debate

CCSF TransLatinas Club members at a No on SB 1070 protest in San Francisco 

Isis working the runway during a fashion show

Indian TV show host Rose getting her face touched up on set

Ethan St Pierre doing his radio show

Transwoman and hubby getting married in China

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