Sunday, December 19, 2010

ConGRADulations Graduates!

Yesterday in many colleges across the country there were commencement ceremonies held for the persons who were graduating during the fall semester.

In my own family I had two cousins graduating from Prairie View A&M and a little over 1000 miles away my Baltimore home girl Cydne was getting her sheepskin from Coppin State.

I bounced out of my undisclosed location for a few hours to attend his graduation party, tell him how proud I was of him and even drop a few words of wisdom to both graduates along with many of our assorted relatives and friends.

So I wanted to take the time to say to my cousins Ray and Patrick, Cydne and all you December college grads who read TransGriot, congratulations.

May your road of life be a superhighway to success with few roads blocks, speed traps and potholes.

TransGriot update: found out Cydne graduated magna cum laude from Coppin State!  Way to go sis!

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