Friday, December 17, 2010

TLC's Police Women Of Dallas

Most of the time I'm clicking my remote away from reality TV shows as fast I can possibly do so, but every now and then I'll get one that captures my attention and actually holds it for longer than 60 seconds.

TLC has a Police Women reality show that I started watching when it visited Memphis in its third season.   I fell in love with Officer Joy Johnson, one of the persons they followed in that season,   My respect level for Officer Johnson went off the charts after the 'Rock Your Fuschia Hair' episode.

Well, season four of Police Women has moved to Dallas and its piqued my interest.again.    I'm interested not only because it's in the home state, I spent a lot of time growing up visiting Little D because many of my relatives on my mom's side of the family live there.  My mom and uncle also grew up in Dallas as well before my late grandfather's job transferred him to Houston.

Hey, what did you expect?   I had to hate on Dallas as a proud Houstonian at some point in this post.   

As I'm watching the Police Women of Dallas it's fun for me to not only follow the action, but see and recognize the various neighborhoods and areas of the city and know exactly where the action is taking place .

I like all the officers they are following this season, but my fave of the bunch is Sgt. Tracy Jones.   

So if you're trying to call me on Thursday nights and  I'm slower to pick up the phone than I usually am, now you know a possible reason why.

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