Friday, December 17, 2010

Silicone Me, Please?

I've written about the dangers of silicone more than a few times on this blog and posted articles about what has happened to the girls who 'pump'.

It's an issue I haven't covered as much this year and I really should be doing so more frequently.

I know we transwomen want to look as feminine as possible and in some cases we want it to happen like yesterday once we make the decision to transition .

But beauty is not worth dying for , causing permanent long term damage to yourself or risking contracting HIV from sharing needles either because you want to look 'fishy' now instead of letting hormones do the job over time.   Medical costs are also a factor as well  as the impatience one in sending low income transwomen of color scurrying off to pumping parties.

Here's a film that also drives that point home called 'Silicone Me, Please' that talks about the dangers of silicone pumping.


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