Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Naw, I'm Not Going To STFU

I received this comment from this waste of DNA who discovered after two attempts to send even nastier stuff that I have filters designed to block it.

STFU, dumb@ss qu33r.   is this fool's IP address that called himself No More Queers (how original) and tried to leave that comment on the Oprah post I wrote yesterday

Naw, I'm not going to STFU because my existence and the existence of transpeople in 3% of humanity makes you uncomfortable, you can't buy a date, you don't have a life beyond sitting in mommy's basement watching porn on your computer, or because you have issues with your own sexual orientation or gender identity.

There are plenty of qualified therapists out there who for a nominal fee, will be most happy to help you resolve whatever anger management and sexual orientation issues you have.

And oh yeah, there's one other thing you need to make yourself whole.   You need Jesus.

Have a blessed day.

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