Wednesday, December 29, 2010

GL Community-Is The POTUS Still The 'Worst President Ever 'On GL Rights Now?

One of the things that set me and many African descended BTLG people off with the white GLBT community in the run up to the 2009 inauguration of President Obama was the delusional assertion that he would be the 'worst president ever'  on gay rights.

Okay, the man hadn't even spent five minutes in the Oval Office, much less took the oath of office yet and some peeps parted their lips to say something that stupid.   

Over the next two years the chocolate Bi/Trans/SGL community seethed as legions of neo-Mattachine white gays loudly claimed that much of what he was doing to undo Dubya's faith based anti TBLG policies were just 'crumbs' and subjected him to unprecedented levels of borderline bigoted disrespect..   

Now that DADT repeal is the law of the land, not a peep out of them.  Maybe it's the holiday season.   You know, peace on earth, good will toward everyone except trans people, but I doubt it.   

One thing I know deep down in my political pragmatist fight the Forces of Intolerance soul is that DADT repeal or this video wouldn't have come out of a McCain administration.

So I ask the GL community again?   Is President Obama still the 'worst president ever' on gay rights now?  

Is he still just giving GL people civil rights 'crumbs'?

Umm hmm...that's what I thought.

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