Monday, December 20, 2010

TransGriot Nuke A Troll 6- Irradiating The Ke$ha Defenders

It was inevitable that pop tart Ke$ha's defenders would try to come riding to her rescue on a wave of cisprivilege.   They are trying to dance their way around the problematic lyrics in the song I focused attention on in my recent post.  

My transbrothers were pissed about it, and I posted a YouTube video in the post from one of them who let Ke$sha's no talent behind have it.

So here are the comments that came in about that post: from Agent AK and helsings.  

Agent AK
That is taken completely out of context. She's not talking about a trans guy, she's talking about a whiny, bitchy guy. It's like Katy Perry saying "You PMS like a bitch" in Hot and Cold. Don't take it so personally.

helsings said...
Are you that stupid? What she means with those lyrics are that she can't date a guy who ACTS LIKE A GIRL. Hence, he has a "vag."

It's not referring to transexuals, dumbass.
5:04 AM

Hmm, will need to launch two rhetorical Tomahawks for this nuking.   Start the countdown  5...4...3...2...1. launch  1...launch 2 

Both of you are sorely lacking in reading comprehension.   You keep tap dancing around the fact that I am focused on this lyric:

You should know
That I love you alone
But I just can’t date a dude with a vag

'Dude with a vag' can't interpreted any other way by people in the trans community as being offensive to transmen irregardless of what this sorry song is talking about. 

Agent AK, it's typical of wallowing in privilege people to try to tell a marginzalized group what they should and should not take personally. 

The song may be about a whiny guy, but there were other ways to write about that subject without including the lyric that has transmen ticked off.   Since you brought Katy Perry into this mix, she managed to do so without offending or insulting the trans community

So what was Ke$ha's problem?

Helsings,  my IQ and reading comprehension are much higher than yours since I'm well aware of the fact there are dudes with vaginas and you aren't .   They are called transmen and it's something you should have learned in you human sexuality class unless you went to one of those private KKKhristian aKKKademies that teaches 'Flintstones science'. . 

Your intellectually deficient waste of DNA behind also made assumptions about that post that clearly aren't written in it.    I made it clear I was focusing on a problematic that song and put it in bold print to highlight it.    

Duh, who is looking like a dumbazz now?

And remember, duck and cover..

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