Sunday, December 19, 2010

DADT Repeal Doesn't Do Jack For Trans Soldiers

While this is a historic moment in terms of the odious DADT law finally being struck down in the Senate yesterday by a 65-33 vote to send it to President Obama for his signature, pardon the trans community if we don't share in the GL community's  joy in it happening.

It doesn't do jack for trans soldiers.

Once again it was a case of the GL community gorging itself to gluttonous excess at the civil rights table while leaving no food or crumbs at the table once again for their trans brothers and sisters still in near famine conditions when it comes to our civil rights.

Trans military personnel are still stuck in DADT purgatory 

Transgender American Veterans Association Vice President Angela Brightfeather said this in the group's press release about the DADT repeal and how it affects trans soldiers.

It should be recognized that DADT has never included directives concerning Transgender people serving in the military. Therefore, there was no call from Transgender Americans to equally serve in the military of their country, without persecution and discrimination. However, Transgender people who have and still do serve under the same pre-DADT conditions, still find it necessary to lie and hide who they are, contrary to the best traditions of the military.

She also added this comment:

We now press our GLB brothers and sisters to finish the job and help provide the means for Transgender people to be able to serve their country openly and equally as do all Americans.

Translation: are you going to be 'fierce advocates' for us, or are you USA based GL peeps going to fall back into your usual 'we got ours, frack y'all pattern?

The world is watching to see if you can (or will)  role model what you constantly castigate the POTUS for not doing enough of when the pump is on the other foot.

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