Friday, December 17, 2010

1.88 Meters Tall

For you metrically challenged people, that's my 6'2" height expressed in metric terms. 

Before I transitioned it used to bother me that I was this tall because I wasn't paying attention to the fact that there are a lot of tall suiters.  I was stuck and focused on the petite ones and lamenting being 5' 14" before I crossed over the gender fence.

Then I discovered I was in good company .  The First Lady is just a few inches shorter than me at 5'11.5"   I also noted that many of my petite cis and trans girlfriends over the years started expressing the wish that they were my size.     I knew I was out of my awkward between genders 'tweener' stage when people started asking me if I was a model or a WNBA ball player.

To be honest, being asked by vanilla flavored peeps that ball player question was one of my pet peeves prior to transition because it reeks of a stereotype, but in this context I got past it over time.

While it has its challenges, for the most part I've gotten used to being a sistah in an over six foot body.  I don't get too much crap or shade spoken to my face and don't really care what they say behind my back.

I just know I look good when I step out this door. .

So don't hate because I'm 1.88 meters tall- without my heels.

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