Friday, December 31, 2010

Renee's Okay, Eh

Over the last few days, those of us who love checking out Renee's writing over at Womanist Musings and her regular tweets on Twitter have noted the absence of new insightful posts from her or her Twitter feed.

When you post and tweet as regularly as Renee does, it gets noticed when that creative flow suddenly stops with no warning.  It's understandable that people like me, her fellow bloggers, and her fans across the blogosphere start getting concerned.

Well, after several days of being waylaid by a nasty flu bug, she only just started feeling good enough to call me Thursday night after I left a few concerned phone messages..

She also popped open her laptop and noted the numerous concerned e-mails from people across the blogosphere wondering what was going on with our fave north of the border blogger.

She wanted me to convey to y'all that she's okay, rumors of her demise are just that, and she''ll hopefully be recovered and writing new posts around Monday.

So in a nutshell, she's okay, eh.

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