Saturday, December 18, 2010

Canadian MP Bill Siksay Retiring

It's not going to affect the current fight to pass C-389, but Mercedes Allen of the Dented Blue Mercedes blog reports that its sponsor. MP Bill Siksay will be retiring after the next scheduled Canadian federal election in 2012.

Put simply, it just seems like time. I am now in my 25th consecutive year working in federal politics. I spent 18 years working as an assistant to the former MP for Burnaby-Douglas, Svend Robinson, and almost seven years as the MP. I was elected and re-elected three times. Few political careers span 25 years.
While I wish MP Siksay well in his future endeavors, an ally like Bill in Parliament is going to be hard to replace.    It really speaks to the urgent need for Canadian trans people to step up their civil rights game and  run for public office.   Trans Canadians (and your American cousins as well ) need to be running in increasing numbers not only for their local city councils, but national and provincial legislatures.

I also find it interesting that an openly gay legislator in Canada fights FOR disenfranchised trans citizens, and an openly gay legislator in the United States fights AGAINST disenfranchised trans citizens.

But best of luck MP Siksay, and thanks for all you do to be a fierce advocate for Canadian transpeople, but showing the rest of your openly gay legislative colleagues around the wold how it's done. 

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