Monday, December 13, 2010

TransOhio Statewide Needs Assessment

TransGriot Note: If you're one of my TransGriot readers living in Ohio, you may wish to fill out this Trans Needs Assessment that TransOhio is compiling.  

They wish to have transpersons from or residing in the state of Ohio taking part in this needs assessment. 

Until the federal government actually starts using trans as a category for much of their statistics generation, this is one of the methods we have to generate the numbers we need to whack legislators with and point out the need for legislation that helps trans people.   

It would also help if you Ohio transpeeps of color add your voices to this effort as well

TransOhio is asking members of the Ohio transgender community to complete a needs assessment.

The assessment will serve as a snapshot of the Ohio transgender community, including transgender people, partners and allies, who are current Ohioans or individuals who were born in Ohio.

There has never been an assessment of this type for the Buckeye State, and it will provide information on the experiences and needs of the transgender community. This will allow TransOhio to better serve and advocate for the community.

If you are a member of the Ohio transgender community, please fill out the needs assessment before February 28,.2011.

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