Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Kye Allums Watch-Transphobia Run Wild In Conservafool GWU Student Paper

Kye Allums historic turn as the first open trans athlete in NCAA Division I history not surprisingly is not getting rave reviews from some peeps.

Some of those haters are on his George Washington University campus.

In addition to the transphobic story that Erin Mews posted in the conservative leaning GW Patriot (big surprise there) full of AP Stylebook fail, that was only recently corrected.  Mews wielded some pissy vanilla scented cisprivilege trying to defend it.

"it is factually inaccurate to refer to Allums as a male at this point. Once Kye has undergone the necessary hormone treatment and medical procedures, I will refer to her as a man. I see nothing wrong with pointing out that she is still technically a female. . . . I referred to Allums as a female in this piece because unlike other writers, I do not like to distort reality or create falsehoods. The fact that Allums is a female is an objective fact of reality. Once she medically changes this, I will be more than happy to refer to her as a man."
Correction, Erin.   The only 'distorted reality' in play here is that you dare call yourself a writer.  Must be doing an internship at the Sun Myung Moon (Washington) Times.

Some of Allums' fellow Colonials were just as transphobic in their commentary on this GW Patriot story  announcing his coming out as well 

In other news, GWU will be playing at the Miami Holiday Classic in Coral Gables, FL on December 28-29, so for those of you in the Miami area and who get an opportunity to do so, show Kye some love 

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