Thursday, December 23, 2010

Haley Barbour's Tripping Again

If you wonder why I and 90% of the African American community can't stand conservafools and their Oreo cookie chomping negro auxiliary,  Mississippi governor Haley Barbour is an example of it. 

And the even more galling part of it for me is he comes from Yazoo City, the town where my grandfather on my mom's side of the family is from..

In a recent profile in the Weekly Standard, Barbour praised the white supremacist Citizens Councils for its role in barring KKK activity in his hometown of Yazoo City.   After he got pwned about it,  Barbour backtracked on his praise of the White Citizens Council stated that "the Citizens Council is totally indefensible, as is segregation."

Umm hmm.   Yeah, right.   But we all know your white sheet is showing.   You let us know as much with your dog whistle proclamation to your base earlier this year celebrating Confederatee Heritage Month in Mississippi..

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