Friday, December 03, 2010

I Want A US As Good As Its Promise

What the people want is very simple - they want an America as good as its promise.

I was fortunate to have someone like Rep. Barbara Jordan representing me, my hometown and my state in Congress and as a role model. 
Until the day she passed away in 1996 she role modeled what an ethical, principled, constitutionally grounded person and politician is and should be.

Yeah, sometimes as a US citizen I'm guilty of a 'grass is greener' outlook as I longingly look at countries like Canada, the UK and others who do a far better job on health care and other social justice issues.   It seems like their politicians have their acts together and are doing things for their people while ours has at least one party saying 'screw the people'.while the other acts like a bullied kid cowering in the corner 'scurred' to do anything to oppose them.

Far from 'hating America' as white conservafools arrogantly spit at liberals like myself, part of my frustration comes from a place in the fact that I want the United States to be as good or better than its promise.

I'm frustrated with the seemingly dysfunctional political process right now.   I'm disappointed that as a transperson my civil rights are being used as a political football.   I'm tired as a teacher's kid of seeing our country lag farther and farther behind in public education because conservative politicians don't want an educated citizenry.

I'm tired of the 'greed is good', selfish I got mine, you get yours attitude that has permeated the country since Reagan and the rise of conservatism.  I'm tired of the mean spirited racism that has accompanied that growth of conservative control of our various government levels.

I'm tired of seeing 44 million Americans not have health care.  We know the cheaper, more efficient alternative is universal single payer health care.   We let people die because conservatives deem it necessary to protect the profits of health care corporations and the ginormous salaries of their fat cat CEO's over the health and welfare of the public.  

I'm tired of looking at Japan build world class robotic technology, seeing Indians send their kids to college at increasing rates, watch China build supercomputers, bullet trains and plan space missions to the moon and Mars.   I'm disgusted that other countries far smaller and less wealthy than ours like Cuba have universal health care for its citizens while short sighted American politicians cut our space exploration budgets, make it harder for our kids to get a college education and make scientists and scientific research 'the enemy' because of specious political or religious beliefs..    

I want my country to be better that it is right now.   I want the political process to work to improve the lives of all American citizens.   I want to see an expansion of human rights because it's the morally correct thing to do.  I want to see common sense economic and tax policies enacted that benefit all demographic groups in this country, not just the superrich.     

I don't want us to just be number one ranked in athletic sporting achievements.   I want the USA to be number one in education, science, technology, health care, its transportation networks, producing clean renewable energy and having a healthy and vibrant middle class. 

I want an American politics that makes the tough decisions and thinks ten, fifteen, twenty years into the future and not just to the next two year political cycle.

I know from reading posts from immigrants and talking to international friends that warts and all, the US can be a cool place at times.

But that still doesn't or won't stop my advocating for an America that's as good or better as its promises.

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