Thursday, December 02, 2010

Hatin' On Transwomen For The Holidays Again

I was going to write a post like I did  last year on Thanksgiving Day asking if we transwomen would catch a break from any faith based hatred being directed our way from now until Christmas Day.

In the 2K10 I didn't even get a chance to sit down and write it before two rad fem drones jumped off the 2010 Hatin' Transwomen For The Holidays campaign     Bossip, being the cesspool of transphobia it is joined in with its ugly anti-trans commentary on a Tyjanae Moore post,  and I'm willing to bet Papa Nazi and his Christopimps will be chiming in sooner or later as well, along with our other assorted haters.

Well, at least we haven't had any.....damn,.I'd better not even write down what I'm thinking because it might happen

Damn, can't we transpeople get any peace during the holidays?

Guess that's too much to ask

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