Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Yeah, The Conservafools Are Definitely Fighting Us Now

"Our human rights win is inevitable no matter how much money, time and propaganda the haters deploy to stop it.  We have a human rights win that is there for the taking.  But that win will become a reality only if we transpeople here in the United States and around the world are tough minded enough to push back even harder against all our trans oppressors lies." 
-TransGriot February 20, 2013  'First They Ignore You...'

Told you they were coming for us.   I fact, I've been warning y'all the conservafools would be coming for us on this blog since 2007.  

And now, more signs that the wingnuts are about to pull the plug on their lost culture war against the gay and lesbian community over marriage equality and shift their money and energy to fighting the trans community with their patented 'fear and smear' tactics. 

We already have seen it come to pass with the transphobic falsehoods that Fox Noise has been broadcasting against us.  Going on the attack against the San Antonio non-discrimination ordinance that sought to add gender identity and sexual orientation language that still overwhelmingly passed thanks in part to soon to be former San Antonio councilmember Elisa Chan's transphobic utterings.

Now they are going after our trans kids.  The most recent pathetic example was Bryan Fischer's disgusting bullying of Cassidy Campbell after her historic homecoming queen win.  The California conservafools are gearing up to gather signature to force a referendum to repeal AB 1266 backed by the California Republican Party.  

And now we have former South Carolina GOP chair Todd Kincannon letting fly with the transphobic remarks and stating trans people should be interned in camps

Surprised the TERF's haven't declared Kincannon an 'honorary woman' for that one.  

So transpeeps, if you thought I was selling you woof tickets about the two front War on Transwomen the right wing is about to ramp up on their front, the unmistakable evidence piling up leads no doubt to the conclusion that is exactly what's happening.  

And for those of you in the trans community who continue to vote for Republican candidates or claim you are 'proud conservatives', you are complicit in and contributing to enabling your own oppression.

So get ready trans peeps, we have a fight on our hands, and it's a war we must win.

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