Thursday, October 17, 2013

Spirit Day 2013

Today is Spirit Day, a commemoration day created by Canadian teen Brittany McMillan first observed in 2010 in reaction to a spike in the bullying provoked suicides of LGBT teens and young adults.

We break out the purple clothing in order to display our solidarity with TBLG youth who are victims of and who are being bullied.

Spirit Day received its name from the purple stripe on the rainbow flag created by Gilbert Baker, which represents 'spirit'

It's also a reminder of why we GLBT leaders and our organizations are fighting to ensure a world in which our trans, bi and SGL youth are respected, protected and enveloped in love just like every other child.

So here's hoping you TransGriot readers get in the spirit of this day and rock something in your closet that is purple colored to support our BTLG younglings.

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