Friday, October 18, 2013

Federal Reserve Bank Of Dallas Refuses To Add Trans Protections

Logo_FRB_Eleventh_DistrictOver the last several years we have had governmental entities and colleges and universities all over the Dallas-Fort Worth area add sexual orientation and gender identity language to their non discrimination statements or employment policies.

The Federal Reserve Bank in Dallas, which has branches in San Antonio, Houston and El Paso, has employment protections for sexual orientation in its non discrimination policy but is refusing to add gender identity language to it.

What's up with that FRB of Dallas?

Rafael O'Donnell, the Communications and Advocacy Manager of Resource Center Dallas sent a letter in June requesting a meeting with FRB Dallas representatives to discuss adding gender identity and expression protections, to which he received an email declining a meeting. After an email response that went unanswered, McDonnell sent a second letter in August, but received no response. He then sent a follow-up email in September. that has gone unanswered.

Tyrone Gholson, the senior Vice President of FRB Dallas not only has not responded to McDonnell's request for a meeting, he has also not answered the Dallas Voice's request for comments concerning this issue. 

“It’s baffling,” McDonnell said in a Dallas Voice interview about the process. “Other branches of the Federal Reserve Bank offer fully inclusive employment protections. Many of the nation’s largest commercial banks offer full LGBT employment protections. To be dismissed in an email, without responding to other attempts to contact, makes me wonder how truly committed FRB Dallas is to inclusively.”

Same here, especially when other governmental entities in the Dallas-Fort Worth area do so. 

So you know what that means TransGriot readers.  Time to be agents of our own liberation once again.

Respectfully call Mr. Gholson at 214-922-6000 or hit up his email address and encourage him and FRB of Dallas CEO Richard Fisher to add trans employment protections to their policies as expeditiously as possible. 

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