Tuesday, October 22, 2013

I Repeat, You Can't Declare War On Love

http://0.tqn.com/d/scifi/1/0/s/b/-/-/Picture-13.jpg"You can't declare war on love." --Number Six, Battlestar Galactica 'The Plan'

Three years ago I wrote a Battlestar Galatica  themed post in which I compared the marriage equality fight to my fave sci-fi show. 

I noted in that post that the Religious Right can't deal with people of the same gender or trans people falling in love and getting married and for specious political and religious reasons they want to prevent that by any means necessary.

They basically declared war on love.   And they are now three years after I wrote the post are conceding they are losing the 'War on Love' they started. 

More Americans support same gender marriage now than when I wrote that post in August 2010.  President Obama on May 9, 2012 became the first sitting president to publicly support legalizing same-sex marriage. Maine, Maryland and Minnesota legalized it through a popular vote in November 2012.  The New Mexico Supreme Court will have a hearing on the issue Wednesday, and Hawaii's Governor Neil Abercrombie (D) has called a special session that starts October 28 in which they will attempt to pass a marriage equality bill.  

To add an exclamation point on the positive momentum for marriage equality, New Jersey on Monday became the 14th state in addition to the District of Columbia to allow same gender people to marry.

And in the wake of the SCOTUS rulings overturning DOMA and Prop 8  there are suits being filed in deep red GOP controlled states to overturn their anti-same sex marriage amendments.

On the trans marriage front two of our three signature international marriage cases have gone our way with Joanne Cassar in Malta and Ms W in Hong Kong emerging victorious after a few setbacks, and us Texas transpeeps awaiting the result of Nikki Araguz Loyd's recent appeal in Corpus Christi.

The conservafools still haven't come to grips with the reality of 'you can't declare war on love', are clueless to the fact they on the wrong side of history and still keep fighting the 'War on Love' they will ultimately lose. 

I can say that with confidence because the moral arc of the universe is bending toward justice for the SGL, trans and bi community on this issue.  We're also just as resolute to keep fighting them on this human rights issue until we can't or until victory is assured.

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