Monday, October 14, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving 2013, Eh!

Today is Thanksgiving on the other side of the long 5525 mile boarder (including Alaska) that we share with our northern neighbors.   My Canadian friends are sitting down at their dinner tables to get their grub on and give thanks for the many blessings they have received this year.

One of the blessings I receive from you is that out of the top ten nations that surf to my blog, you are number two in terms of the number of people who surf over here to read my posts just ahead of Great Britain.  I thank you Canadian TransGriot readers for taking the time out of your busy day to surf over to the blog. 

And yes, there is my cadre of wonderful cis and trans friends and blogging colleagues that span the country from British Columbia to Alberta to Newfoundland and Labrador. 

And most definitely have to give thanks for the enduring friendship and constantly evolving sisterhood I share with my Timmy's Icecapp drinking homegirl in Niagara Falls.

After the scary news we heard about her earlier this year, so happy that Renee's not only made a remarkable recovery from her health challenge, but is dispensing her thoughtful commentary and wisdom in the social justice blogosphere and at Womanist Musings once again.     

And as a bonus, I get to chat with her about the latest 'Scandal' episodes, Canadian, American and international politics, fashion, human rights, our lives and a wide range of topics on a regular basis.  

The Canadian Parliament is reconvening after Thanksgiving, so we will see what transpires with C-279, the Trans Rights Bill that because of the prorogation of Parliament, has to start over at First Stage in the Senate legislative process.  It reached Third Stage before the Conservative Senate majority stalled it long enough for them to go on summer break in June without taking that final vote.

Will C-279 finally pass and codify the human rights of my Canadian trans cousins?   We'll see if the Senate does the right thing or the right-wing thing..

But we can discuss that later.   I know you're beyond ready to start carving into your Thanksgiving turkeys, ham (or vegan fare) and get busy eagerly devouring that delicious meal with family and friends. 

Happy Thanksgiving!

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