Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Trans National Holiday 2013!

Happy Trans National Holiday, or what the rest of you cisgender peeps recognize as Halloween. 

It's what I sometimes call this day because of the drag balls that used to happen in Chicago, New York, New Orleans and even here in Houston that drew attendance in the hundreds and thousands and were eagerly anticipated events. . 

It's also the one day on the calendar except during Mardi Gras when society doesn't trip about gender bending costumes, female illusionists or trans people walking the streets.

It's the rest of the year that's the problem. 

Before I transitioned I used to eagerly circle this day on the calendar and assemble what I was going to wear, and what LGBT clubs in Montrose I was going to hit with the efficiency of Gen Schwartzkopf planning Desert Storm.

It's probably why post transition I'm not as into the Trans National Holiday as I used to be before 1994. 

It's raining here in H-town as I compile this post, and I hope it slacks off so the kids can at least go out and get their trick-or-treating done. Then again, maybe I don't because it's Thursday night, and y'all know what show comes on tonight. 

Note to you in H-town, if you ring my doorbell after 9 PM CDT in search of candy,  it won't be answered because I'll be munching on leftover candy, writing when the mood hits me and watching Scandal

Speaking of writing, here's some of my past TransGriot Halloween themed scribblings for your perusal.

As for the big kids, my homegirl Vanity Wilde already held her annual Halloween party last weekend. 

She probably still has her transformations business locale  decorated in spooktactular fashion for tonight.

I suspect since it is Trans National Holiday, she's going to be busy working her makeover magic on all her clients who booked her today so they can put their gender best foot forward later tonight.     

So if the TransGriot were going out tonight in costume, who would she be dressed as? 

My top five would be Olivia Pope, our FLOTUS, a supermodel, Miss Universe and a WNBA ballplayer.

That's a thought for next year.  The costume stores are cleaned out at this point and  I have every intention of being on the couch tonight and chilling as I wait for the latest episode of my fave show to start.

But for those of you who are going out tonight as your fave characters or your true selves, Happy Trans National Holiday!  

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