Sunday, October 20, 2013

TDOR 2013-Initial List Of TDOR Events Is Up

There was concern in Trans World when our go to website for Transgender Day of Remembrance information at the beginning of October hadn't been updated.  It was even more of a concern considering this is the 15th anniversary of TDOR memorials being conducted around the world. 

With a month to go until the Transgender Day of Remembrance on November 20, the dates and locations for the various TDOR events around the world are starting to be posted in this one centralized location so people can make the necessary plans to attend them or organize one if they don't see their town, nation or locale on the list. 

If you have organized a 2013 TDOR memorial service, please pass that informtion along to Marti Abernathey ASAP so she can post it to this growing TDOR memorial event list and folks who wish to attend them can know the dates and locations for these services. 

And speaking of these TDOR events and services, once again I would like to remind those of you tasked with or who volunteered to plan these memorial services to do whatever it takes to ensure they are as diverse as the people who have died that we are memorializing this year.

One of the complaints I hear far too often is that the TDOR events are strikingly monoracial, and diversity needs to be a focus item for TDOR 2013.    

Marti's email is  You can also follow Twitter updates at

November 20 will be here before we know it, so lets do everything possible to get the word out about TDOR 2013 events and properly remember the people we've lost this year. 

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