Monday, October 07, 2013

MAJOR! Obliterates Fundraising Goal!

Congratulations go out to Annalise and StormMiguel who not only hit but exceeded their fundraising goal for getting the MAJOR! documentary completed and at a theater near you.

They have at this writing 541 backers who have contributed $26,122 toward getting this project done.  

See trans community and allies, we may not have a whole lot of money in the community, but when we come together and pool it, we can make some amazing things happen like getting a POTUS elected and reelected, a trans hackathon funded, and now a documentary movie funded.  

They still have in this Kickstarter campaign until 6:00 PM PT-9:00 PM ET Tuesday night to raise those much needed production funds.  Since they cleared their goal, they'll get everything they raised, now let's help them keep going and see if we can get them to $30,000!

Miss Major Griffin-Gracy's story is too important, NEEDS to be told, and needs to be preserved for history's sake and for future generations of trans people.   Every dollar still matters. Please continue to support them with $1, $5, $10, $20 or whatever you wish to contribute until the clock runs out to get this much needed movie made!

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