Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Wendy's First Campaign Web Ad

I'm definitely down with wanting to see Sen. Wendy Davis (D) become the Lone Star State's third female governor.

She's already started touring the state with campaign stops in Waxahachie and San Antonio, where she picked up the endorsement of San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro.

She also came out in favor of the recently passed San Antonio non-discrimination ordinance. 

“I hope that it becomes something that is commonplace,” Davis said. “I look forward to a Texas where we see that in every city in the state.” Later, speaking to reporters, Davis said it’s “important that people be treated equally in the workplace, plain and simple.”

She is not a 'one issue candidate' as the GOP idiots have tried to slime her as being.  In the 2011 legislative  session she filibustered to stop $5 billion in public education cuts the GOP wanted to happen.  It forced a special session in which they restored much of the money the GOP wanted to cut.

This is Sen. Davis' first web ad

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