Friday, October 18, 2013

Shut Up Fool Awards-The Government Shut Down Is Over Edition

After three weeks, the conservafools realized that the POTUS wasn't playing when he said he wasn't going to negotiate with them and finally capitulated in this ill-advised political stunt egged on by the Tea Klux Klan that is probably going to cost them seats in the 2014 midterm elections.

The Koch Brother whispering in their ear how much money it was going to cost them and their 1% patrons if they did that also probably played a huge role in the GOP coming to their senses. But we still had 19 GOP senators (and both Cornyn and Cruz) were in the NO column, and 144 House Republicans (and all the Texas Republicans doing so) voting to default.  Not to mention the $24 billion dollars and the international black eye we received reputation wise because of the Tea Klux Klan's foaming at the mouth racist hatred of President Obama.

It's Friday, and it's time to segue into our usual 'bidness' of selecting this week's fool fool or group of fools for our TransGriot Shut Up Fool Awards.   

We had plenty to choose from this week, so lets get right to it. 

This week's runaway winners are the House and Senate Republicans, especially the 19 senators and 144 reps who voted to keep the government shut down and default on our fiscal obligations.

These Tea Klux Klan idiots not on exhibit some jaw dropping ignorance for how the financial system works, they were willing to ruin our nation's AAA credit rating, keep 800,000 people out of work and crash the world economy all because of their foaming at the mouth racist hatred of President Obama.

Somehow, saying "Shut up, fools!" isn't enough for this massive display of ignorance for people that need  to be charged with sedition under the Smith Act and all impeached, but I'll let our mascot handle that.

The best revenge is to circle November 4, 2014 on you calendars in blue Sharpie pen ink and vote their asses out.

And now, a word from Mr T about this situation.


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