Saturday, October 19, 2013

Saturday Sellout-Erik Rush

Been a while since I've done one of the Saturday Sellout posts in which I shine a bright spotlight on all the Oreo cooking chomping sellouts and conservafools you need to be aware exist

The latest one that has gotten my attention is Erik Rush. 

Born in New York City on January 1, 1961, he is the author of the waste of trees called Negrophilia, a  columnist for WorldNetDaily WingNutDaily and a regular contributor to Fox Noise and Canada Free Press.

Rush has penned such lovely sentiments as the 2005 howler that anyone who denies there is a 'War on Christmas' is "just like a Holocaust denier"., tweeted in the aftermath of the Boston marathon bombing "that all Muslims should be killed" and doubled down on the Islamophobia by stating that Islam is "wholly incompatible with Western society."

He then had the nerve to get huffy about the problematic Tweet  when people called his azz out for his inflammatory 'kill all Muslims' comments and claim in true conservafool fashion it was 'satire'. 

As for his Negro Iz U Sirius?!!!  award winning bordering on insane statements, the cookie chomping knee-grow stated in an April Fools Day 2010 WND column that Democrats were racist, and 'plying' Black leaders with a seat at he table while they keep Blacks stretched over a barrel with their cheeks spread. 

He also delusionally said on Fox Noise in the wake of the unjust SCOTUS ruling eviscerating Section 4 of the Voting Rights Act that it was more important to keep dead people from voting than worry about the suppression of minority voters

He also has ongoing hate for President Obama, blamed liberals for Trayvon Martin's murder and also wrote that the African continent and India were ripe for colonization because the peoples in those areas 'were one step out of the trees'.

And you wanna know why we reality based Black folks hate conservatism?  It's because of  off the charts house knee-grow conservafools like this who are spouting the same racist and offensive shyt that white conservafools say consistently to our community, but think we aren't paying attention when that same message comes out of a negroid* mouth. 

Erik Rush is definitely worthy of this Saturday Sellout spotlight post and one to watch for future Shut Up Fool award worthy commentary.  

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