Friday, October 25, 2013

Silicone Pumper Oneal Morris To Do Year In Jail

Botched butt injections: Ron Oneal Morris, 32, on Thursday accepted the plea deal of 366 days in prison for one count of illegal practice of healthcareBeen keeping up with three high profile silicone pumping cases involving trans pumpers as they wind their way through the court system. 

One of them is the case of now 32 year old Oneal R. Morris, the Miami, FL based pumper whose pumping concoction of Fix-a-Flat, mineral oil and cement left several women cis and trans disfigured and one cis woman dead.

When I last checked in on this case Miami-Dade District Judge Ellen Sue Venzera rejected a June 25 plea deal that would have sent Morris to jail for 180 days, required her to pay restitution to her victims and placed her on five years probation because Judge Venzera felt the deal was too light for the seriousness of the charges.

Morris accepted a plea deal yesterday in which she will serve 366 days in jail for one count of practicing medicine without a license and surrender on January 7 to begin serving that sentence.   

Rajee Narinesingh, one of her pumping victims who is now an activist focusing on the dangers of silicone pumping, told the local Miami media a year in jail wasn't long enough. 

Morris is still facing charges in Broward County that include manslaughter in the death of 31 year old Shatarka Nuby. 

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