Saturday, October 12, 2013

Happy Birthday Dawn!

Today happens to be the birthday of my former Louisville roomie Dawn Wilson.

She's probably celebrating it by going to the LFC to train for her annual trip up I-65 to administer saber fencing beatings at the Remenyik Open in Chicago

I used to enjoy that road trip to Chicago with her and especially the post-tournament celebration at Giordano's.

Hee hee. Lord Vader is also another year closer to leaving the Vet 40's 'Baby Vets' and having to.....

*Cough*, *Cough*, *Wheeze*

...fence in the Vet 50's with the 'Senior Mamas'.

Anyway, happy birthday Dawn!   May this one be filled with abundant blessings, lots of laughs, love, smiles and you standing on the victory podium at the Remenyik Open  . 


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