Thursday, October 17, 2013

Smile, You're On METRORail Crimefighting Camera!

Photo: Look, you're on camera! The North Line may still be under construction but our security cameras are up. Thanks to this screen shot, 18-year-old Salvador Sanchez was arrested by MPD on charges connected to tagging the Northline TC/HCC station platform.  If you see something, please call MPD, #673 on your cell, or Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS (9477).The METRORail Red Line extension to the Northline Mall Transit Center from UH Downtown was completed ahead of schedule.  It has undergone its unpowered and powered train clearance tests and is awaiting the start of revenue service in early December  

It'll be the second quarter of next year before METRO completes the construction of the Purple Line near me and get the testing out of the way before I can start riding the METRORail train from the house to wherever I need to go. 

One of the other things installed along with the landscaping and artwork at all the METRORail Red Line rail station platforms were the security cameras.  

18 year old Salvador Sanchez decided he'd head to the Northline Transit Center/HCC station platform at the end of the extended line and add his own creative spray canned spin to the artwork already installed and on display there. 

He probably presumed the installed security cameras weren't operational, but unfortunately for him the security cameras were powered up and got a nice clear screen shot of him doing his tagging business on the station.  The METRO Police armed with that photo arrested young Mr. Sanchez on charges connected to tagging the Northline TC/HCC station platform.

So smile, you're on METRORail Crimefighting Camera.  

And METRO, any chance that once you're done installing those cameras on the Green and Purple light rail lines you can start installing them at the bus transit centers and Park and Ride lots, too?

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