Sunday, October 13, 2013

Nikki Goes To Prairie View

Nikki AraguzNikki Araguz Loyd took another road trip inside the borders of the Lone Star State Tuesday, but this time it was up US 290 to speak on the campus of  Prairie View A&M University.

She was invited to the suburban Houston HBCU school as part of their Students Participating In Transcending Knowledge (SPIT) Lecture Series

She was introduced by junior psychology student and #girllikeus Londyn Williams before taking the stage at the Opal Johnson Auditorium to a crowd according to PV Panther reporters Amanda Leon and Joshua Bennett unsure of how to react to Nikki, but her larger than life personality and her compelling story quickly changed that dynamic.

Nikki not only discussed the traumatic sexual assault she endured at age 13, she talked about the drama surrounding the death of her husband Thomas Araguz and the subsequent legal case now winding its way through the Texas legal system.

And when she departed the stage, it was to rave reviews..

Senior sociology major LaFredrick Smith said, “The event was wonderful to have on a campus that was created in results of equality issues. I wish more people would have attended the event due to the fact that more people on this campus need to be educated on the subject. But then again the ignorant will be ignorant and not open to expanding their ways of thinking. Nikki Araguz-Loyd was amazing. I love how open and down to earth she was. She left nothing out. That’s what we look for at S.P.I.T Knowledge! My favorite quotes from Nikki were: “Love shouldn’t have to be defended” and “My vagina says I’m a woman.”

Prairie View,, I'm amazed that you invited any trans woman up to your campus period for a chat about trans issues and hope that trend continues. 

So when will another conversation continuing the discussion that Nikki helped start happen?

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