Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Gloria Steinem's Op-Ed Apology-Dyssonance Speaks

I expressed my thoughts concerning the groundbreaking Gloria Steinem Advocate op-ed apology for her past transphobic scribblings and silence about them until October 2, 2013.  

It is a BFD.  While I'm taking a wait and see approach in terms of definitively answering the question of whether Gloria Steinem has evolved on trans issues, the Advocate article make it clear she is headed in a positive direction. 

Time for me to signal boost another respected voice in this conversation, and that will be my Arizona home girl Toni, AKA Dyssonance. 

She had this to say in a post entitled 'On Gloria Steinem's Apology.'
She does more here than merely apologize.  She owns what she’s said in the past, and doesn’t step away from it.

She’s in action, here.  She chose the Advocate — which might not be my favorite resource, but has been trying to improve.  She got coverage in every major publication out there that touches on the LGBT community though.

It is a big deal.
Check out what she had to say on her blog about the subject.

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