Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Happy Milestone Birthday Mr Watts!

Michael WattsHad to take a moment to give a TransGriot milestone birthday shoutout to my fellow Texan on his Big 3-0 birthday.

Many of you TransGriot readers know that I've been jousting with this Navy vet for the last three seasons for NFL prognostication supremacy, but he has other interests besides beating me and Eli picking football games.   

In addition to expressing himself on his Michael's Rant blog, he is the chair of the Veteran's Caucus of the Texas Young Democrats

We have our moments of good-natured disagreement when it comes to being passionate defenders of our areas of the Lone Star State and our favorite Texas based NFL teams, but what we do agree on is that Texas deserves much better leadership than it has gotten over the last decade and a half from the Teapublicans.  

Happy milestone birthday Mr Watts!   May you have many more.

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