Thursday, October 31, 2013

Attention TDOR Organizers-Unite With Us

TransGriot Note:  I definitely approve of this message from BTMI-BTWI

Attention TDOR Ceremony Organizers - Unite With Us! Invite and Include Black and Latino Trans people in your programming. Let THEIR VOICE be heard!

Thank you to the many TDOR Ceremony organizers for organizing TDOR services around the world on November 20 in acknowledgment of Transgender Day of Remembrance. Black & Latino Trans women are on each TDOR list every year at an overwhelming amount so for this reason there should always be a voice from this community invited in your programming every year. Celebrate Trans Lives!

TDOR directly affects the black Trans community. TDOR for our black Trans community is a time of memorial, spiritual and community support and activism. We are asking TDOR organizers to be mindful of what TDOR means to our community and frame your TDOR Ceremony where it is always inclusive of Trans people in African American & Latino American communities. Remember Our Deaths!

Look at your current TDOR program. Are you finished planning your ceremony? How many Black & Latino Trans women do you have as speakers? Are you paying for TDOR keynote speakers? How many of them are Black or Latino? Have you invited the families affected by TDOR to your ceremony, are they included? If you are raising money to "fund" TDOR ceremonies how many Black & Latino families benefit from this fund? How many Black & Latino Americans do you anticipate participating in your ceremony? How have your reached out to this community to ensure that they are invited to attend? The ceremonies should speak to the community it affects! Give Black & Latino Trans people a place for their voice to be heard.

Activism around TDOR also calls for continued support of black and Latino Trans communities. We need stronger alliances that will help to prevent disparities faced by trans communities including violence and the number of crimes committed against our community. End Trans Violence! Build with Black Trans Advocacy.

Having trouble in reaching the Black Trans Community? Black Trans Advocacy is represented nationally and you may access our community through our Black Transmen Inc, Black Transwomen Inc and Black Trans International Pageantry networks.

Need more help? You may partner with us directly or as a TDOR Unite! partner and use the TDOR Unite! logo in your programming as a sign of support for unity around the concern of violence against women and transgender people -- and that particular targeting of transgender women of color that is so evident on November 20 each year.

Thank you again for hosting TDOR in your local community. We need you and depend on you to help unite our community and to advance our mission of equality, advocacy, empowerment and social change.

Invite and Include Black and Latino Trans people in your programming. Let THEIR VOICE be heard!

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