Wednesday, October 16, 2013

New Jersey, Handle Your Special Election Business!

Cory Booker is pictured. | AP PhotoVoters in New Jersey get to go to the polls today and handle their electoral business of selecting a new US senator to replace the late Sen Frank Lautenberg who passed away on June 3.

It's Newark Mayor Cory Booker (D) squaring off against Tea Klux Klanner Steve Lonegan to fill out the remainder of Lautenberg's term.

For most of the campaign Booker has maintained a double digit lead of 13 points on Lonegan but the race has tightened over the last few days to a mere 10 points.  Booker is favored to win in this election, but where's Nate Silver when you need him?

Since Sen Lautenberg was a Class 2 senator whose term was due to expire next year, the winner will have to run for reelection in the 2014 midterms in order to secure a full six year US Senate term

Should Cory Booker emerge victorious, he'll make a little political and African-American history.  He will not only become the ninth African-American senator in US history, but the first from New Jersey and the first Democratic senator elected from a state besides Illinois. 

So good luck Cory Booker!   Hope you win tonight.   We need somebody who will stand up for the interests of African-Americans in the Senate since it's obvious that cookie chomping conservative knee-grow from South Carolina won't. 

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