Wednesday, February 29, 2012

3.5 Million Hits!

Another day, another milestone here at TransGriot.  

Seems like I just wrote that post back on October 27 that discussed me passing the 3 million hit mark.  

Thanks to your continued support of my cyberhome sometime today while I was enroute back to  Houston I passed the 3.5 million hit mark.

Once again I deeply appreciate all of you who take valuable time out of your day to read the blog and my take on the currents events and issues of the day, and who read my take on trans issues from an Afrocentric perspective. 

It's a now six year old labor of love that I enjoy doing and I'm blessed to have this electronic platform to tell mine and the story of African-American transpeople here and across the African Diaspora.

Now that I've passed 3.5 million hits, on to the next milestone.

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