Wednesday, February 15, 2012

WTF? Whitney Ain't Even In Her Grave Yet...

And we already have a white gay activist repeating an old news rumor she already debunked over two decades ago. Renee of Womanist Musings had her say about it, now it's my turn.  

What's disgusting about this bull feces is that Peter Tatchell is doing so as preparations for her funeral in Newark are happening and she isn't able to defend herself.

“Whitney Houston RIP. She was happiest and at her peak in the 1980s, when she was with her female partner. They were so loved up and joyful together,” said Tatchell on his Facebook page the day after she died..
“It’s important to tell the truth about this aspect of her life. Colluding with the cover-up of her same-sex relationship is not right."

Cover up my azz, Peter Tatchell.  Neither is it right for you in your vanillacentric arrogance to repeat decades old rumors about one of our African-American icons when you know damned well she has repeatedly denied the rumors during her lifetime and isn't here to defend herself. 

This is what Whitney had to say about the alleged same sex relationship.

“You know what? I am so tired of this. I’m really sick of it. People want to know if there is a relationship: Our relationship is that we’re friends,” Houston told journalist Anthony DeCurtis in 1993. “We’ve been friends since we were kids. She now is my employee. I’m her employer. And we’re still best of friends. That’s what it is. You mean to tell me that if I have a woman friend, I have to have a lesbian relationship with her? That’s bulls—.”

In addition, you have dragged a grieving Robyn Crawford into this mess to pimp your own agenda.   It's even more aggravating for me to discover Tatchell started flapping his gums the day after Houston passed from this plane of existence.

This is the kind of crap that pisses African-Americans off about the white dominated GL community and white gay men in general   Not all of y'all exhibit these nekulturny tendencies, but far too many times elements of you act in ways that give others the impression outside your group that the GL(bt) movement is all about y'all, your quest for regaining full fledged WMP, and you don't care or give a rats anus about anybody else unless it fits your agenda.

When it comes to people of color inside or outside the community, that impression is magnified.     

And no, this isn't the first time that a white gay person has pulled this crap and we've had to call y'all on it.  The same thing was done to Luther Vandross after he passed away in 2005.   Vandross also dealt with persistent rumors about his sexuality during his lifetime and also publicly denied them. 

There was also the recent attempt to claim that Malcolm X was bisexual several decades after his 1965 assassination that angered the African-American community as well. 

Oprah Winfrey has endured the same persistent rumors about her longtime friendship with Gayle King that Whitney dealt with. 

Alicia Keys and Queen Laitfah are being hounded as well to 'come out of the closet' despite repeated denials from both women they are part of the rainbow community.   

Now there is nothing wrong with being a member of the rainbow community.  Hey, I'm a proud African descended transwoman myself.

But the difference is I am open about being a transwoman and made that choice to do so.  For my friends who are transsexuals but who don't want the world to know that, I respect their wishes in not wanting to risk their lives, family relationships and careers for a political cause that doesn't fully represent our people and the issues important to the African-American community. 

Besides, when we have TBLG African-Americans who are out and proud about being part of the rainbow community but have minds of their own or opinions diametrically opposed to your vanillacentric groupthink, sure is interesting to note that y'all ain't rushing to claim them. 

I'm not running around outing people, nor do I plan to unless they are acting in ways deleterious to the human rights progress of the trans community.  I also operate under the rule that until a person declares that they are a member of the trans and SGL community, I presume they are cis. 

As much as I loved Whitney Houston as an artist and a complex human being, it ain't my business to know who she was sharing her bedroom with nor do I care.

If she wanted to divulge that information to the world, that was her prerogative to do so and no one else.

She also had 48 years of her life and multiple opportunities in the hundreds of media interviews she conducted during her career to do just that.    

What Peter Tatchell did was egregiously foul and grossly unfair to her, Robyn Crawford, the grieving Houston and Brown families, and Whitney's fans all over the planet.  .  

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