Tuesday, February 14, 2012

TransGriot Valentine's Day 2012 Post Links

Today is the day in which the only chocolate candy I'll consume in heart shaped boxes, cards or flowers I'll receive are the ones I bought for myself.

Valentine's Day is a day that can be hard on single people.  For single transpeople it can especially be difficult as we are not only surrounded by cisgender couples gay and straight expressing their love of each other, we're also drowned in an avalanche of romantic movies, songs, radio and television commercials.

For those of you fortunate enough to find love, I ain't mad at y'all.   It's just I haven't been one of those lucky people.  But there's still hope for me yet.  

At any rate, here's some posts I've written on the subject of romance, relationships and being trans   Hope y'all enjoy them.

I'm Not Your Desperate Chocolate Exotic Fantasy Girl

Pam's Ponderings-Black Transwomen Need Love Too

Happy Valentine's Day Peeps!

Valentine's Day Posts

Loving Myself More

We Don't Want No Scrubs, Either

Damned If We Do, Damned If We Don't

Make Sure He Loves And Respects Your Azz

Loving A Transwoman Doesn't Make You Gay

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