Sunday, February 05, 2012

You're In My Prayers Aletha

When a child is born, the nanosecond after that child takes their first breath your life as the parent ceases to be about you and becomes about them.

One of the things you are also cognizant of when your child is born is the hopeful expectations that in addition to them being healthy, that your child will live on long after you have gone to your final resting place.

It is a parent's worst nightmare to find out that their child has been violently ripped away from them, and it's one I sadly found out a few days ago happened to a good friend and colleague of mine in the Louisville human rights community, Aletha Fields

Her son Shabaka was murdered and I can't imagine the level of pain and loss she is feeling because of it.

It's also doubly upsetting for me because it happened to a person I love and admire.  I'm also a little bummed out that I can't personally be there to support her and express my condolences during what is surely a trying time right now for her and her family.

Aletha, know I'm thinking about you and your family and that y'all are in my prayers.

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