Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Disturbing Indication of Continued Racism in the United States

Guest post from Cheryl Courtney-Evans of the abitchforjustice blog

I realize that this topic isn't what one would call a "transgender issue", but as a transgender community we don't live 'in a bubble', so issues that affect the overall societal condition affect us as well. Often times we find ourselves at the intersections of multiple obstacles (gender, orientation, AND race) to a prosperous existence...

With that said, I was disturbed and angered to come across (via a "share" on facebook) an article in a "Little Green Footballs" posting about the "deluge" of hate and racism expressed by viewers/readers of a FOX article on the death of Whitney Houston. There was repeated use of the "n" word in reference to her and all African Americans, as well as "monkey" and expressions of ill will for Obama. It was a sickening display of complete hate and disgusting racism without apparent end, from various people (as opposed to one long rant from one person). The author of the Little Green Footballs piece reported that there were many more than the ones he shared, he just couldn't stomach sharing any more than he had.
It made me think about how so many folks, most notably Republican public figures, continue to claim there is no "race problem" in the United States (even as they practice race-bating in their campaigns [Newt Gingrich & Rick Santorum]), and accuse those who point it out as "pulling the race card", and fight to suppress voting rights that we know will greatly affect the ability of African Americans that would vote in the 2012 elections, to vote.

It's also telling that such a large number of respondents to FOX's piece would post such comments, and FOX is the staunchest supporter of the Republican agenda; it would indicate that FOX's audience is basically a hating, racist bunch, which says something about FOX, that it would attract such a crew.

As we watch the 2012 election approach, I hope my readers will think about this "connection of the dots" the most popular of these FOX-supported Republican candidates are the ones that "out-conservative" ('conservative' is their word for it, lol) their opponents in order to attract the 'far right' [Tea Party] voters, who all the while deny their racism (but don't call out their candidates who race-bait)...oh, REALLY??? It would be laughable if the situation wasn't so serious...just sayin'.

It seems to me that even though the United States now has an African American  (boldened that word for the 'birthers', LOL) president, racism is still alive and well in these United States. I believe there's a public resurgence because they feel they "fell asleep at the wheel" in 2008, which allowed Obama's election to the White House; they're determined it's not to happen again.

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