Sunday, February 12, 2012

Eddie Long Crowned The Lyin' King

I am not a fan of megachurches and the prosperity gospel they pimp along with their right wing politics.

Bishop Eddie Long in the ATL and his New Birth Baptist Church has been on my caca list because of his sucking up to Junior while he was desecrating the Oval Office and that 2004 anti marriage march that started at the foot of Dr. King's grave.

So you know I've been watching since 2010 the drama unfold with Long and the young men he had to pay big bucks settlements to in the New Birth sex scandal that whittled the membership of his Lithonia,. GA megachurch down from its peak membership of 18,000 and cost them Rev. Bernice King as an associate pastor.

The latest act in the Bishop Eddie Long Follies concerns the recent stunt in which he had self proclaimed 'rabbi' Ralph Messer wrap him in a 300 year old Torah supposedly that has connection to the Holocaust and crowned him a king. 

Say What?   He's a king all right.  The Lyin' King.

This also calls for the debut of this graphic that NeoProdigy sent close this post.

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