Thursday, December 02, 2010

Trapped By Your Beliefs

Consider transsexual bodies...
To the eyes of Mother Nature, this is one of the countless configurations of the human form... We exist, therefore we are and do not need to prove and justify why we exist in order to be...I am a human being who is expressing her beingness in one of the various forms of the human body...I am not trapped by my body, I am trapped by your beliefs."- Sass Rogando Sasot
My transpinay sister has it going on.  When it comes to leaders with international stature in our community, she's one of the people I admire and look up to.     
And she's dead on target in terms of what she has to say in this quote from her essay 'Reclaiming The Wronged Body'.   I'll go even further than Sass has.  We transpeople are human beings who are in one of the various forms of the human body that are divinely inspired and created.    
The problem for transpeople is that we are trapped by your jacked up belief systems. 
We are trapped by your beliefs in a binary gender system.   We are trapped by your being proven wrong by scientific evidence every day assertion that genitalia=gender and your state of panic over it.   We are trapped by vanilla flavored radical feminists desperate pearl clutching to a disco era doctrine predicated on hatred of transwomen.    

We are trapped by your constipated mindsets towards our bodies based in religious dogma and straight up hatred of transpeople 

We are trapped by your attempts to use our existence to pimp your fundamentalist religious beliefs.   We are trapped by your attempts to stir up hatred of transpeople amongst the sheeple for your political gain or deflect attention from your failed political agendas.
We are trapped by cis people's unwillingness or failure to free your minds and realize that gender is between your ears, not your legs.  

Article 3 of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights states that everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person     

We transpeople see, hear and read those principles enshrined in the constitutions of various nations, reaffirmed in treaties, and expressed in flowing prose in documents around the world  that we inhabit.   We are proud, educated, law abiding taxpaying citizens of the nations of the world that want the same rights you claim and zealously defend for yourselves.   

But when it comes to transpeople demanding that you extend those rights to us, suddenly those lofty civil rights principles you wax poetic about when they apply to cispeople,  you not only disingenuously claim don't apply to us, but fight us tooth and nail to deny them to your trans brothers and sisters.

The hell those principles don't apply to us.

We've had enough of our bodies being paralyzed by fear, shame and guilt heaped upon us by your misguided beliefs. 

We've had enough of our bodies being assaulted, raped, killed and mutilated around the world by your faith based beliefs that we shouldn't exist.

We've had enough of third class citizenship and denial of rights in our various nations around the globe and demand an upgrade to the first class citizenships we and our fallen angels have paid for in blood.

We've had enough of disrespect of transpeople being fueled by your beliefs.

We're calling you on your bull feces laden beliefs.   From now on we transpeople will boldly declare that our bodies, being trans and the way we live our lives have just as much right to exist on this planet as you arrogantly presume you do.

Hear me, cispeople trapped by your dogmatic beliefs.   We transpeople will no longer meekly acquiesce to your beliefs that are destructive to our lives, our liberty, and our security of person.

Your mindsets and misguided beliefs cannot, should not and will not any longer be the basis for discrimination of transpeople in a just and democratic society.   

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