Thursday, December 09, 2010

Gay Community, Y'all Haven't Exactly Been 'Fierce Advocates' For Us

One of the things I've noted in the gayosphere, especially amongst white GLBT peeps is how quick they are to not only slam President Obama for not in their estimation passing their desired legislative agenda items fast enough to their liking but sarcastically mock his campaign pledge he'd be a 'fierce advocate' for the community.

You know, I'd be careful about throwing shade at the Prez because your 40 year record for being 'fierce advocates' for the trans community is piss poor compared to President Obama's after just two years in office.

In the wake of looking north of the border and watching a trans rights bill pass a critical Report Stage vote yesterday on a 143-131 vote, I continue to marvel at the fact it is being pushed by a 'fierce advocate' for the trans community in New Democrat MP Bill Siksay.

Oh yeah, did I mention he's openly gay, and this is the third time MP Siksay has tried to get this trans rights bill through the Canadian Parliament?

Now compare Bill Siksay's record to that for example, of openly gay Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA).

He fought our inclusion in ENDA for a decade, in 2007 split a trans inclusive HR 2015 ENDA bill that was gaining momentum and had over 150 co sponsors at the time on a specious claim it didn't have enough votes to pass despite a House Dem majority, created an anti trans rights bathroom argument talking point that has been seized on by our 'white wing' opponents here and now is being used in Canada.

Yeah, I find it bitterly ironic that an openly gay politician in Canada can go to the mat for transpeople across Canada (and still is), and we have three openly gay ones in Congress with a fourth coming in January and they can't or won't do jack to push for the civil rights coverage we American trans people desperately need.

And that's before I even touch upon the foul things you say about transpeople in comment sections and post in gayosphere blogs, and the disco era BS coming out of the mouths of lesbian identified radical feminists and trans hatin' MichFest attendees.   I also can't forget the numerous times we've been used as bargaining chips to pass (or attempt to pass)  gay only rights legislation, or when you're not appropriating our lives and events for fundraising purposes or erasing POC's out of TBLG history for your benefit, you're mischaracterizing trans people in the media..

So yeah gay community, be careful about the 'fierce advocate' shade you throw, because the glass fierce advocate house you're living in has dirty windows.   You haven't exactly won any prizes for role modeling 'fierce advocate' behavior when it comes to us and other groups inside and outside the LGBT community.

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