Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Cecile Richards Is Right : White Women MUST Do Better

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I loved Ann Richards when she was my governor, and it seems as though Cecile Richards is cut from the same straight talking cloth her mom was.

At the Las Vegas Women's March she said something that Black women have been saying to ourselves for years now in terms of it is not just Black women's job to do the heavy lifting work of saving this country.

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We Black women, cis and trans have known since the 60s that the GOP ain't shyt.   The rest of y'all have been slow to resistant to getting in formation with us to vote the GOP bastards out at all levels of government.     Thanks to Richards, the conversation can get started about the elephant in the room in terms of this problematic pattern.

And it's past time you #TrustBlackWomen.  While Cecile Richards' words were welcomed by Black women activists and leaders, we will be watching the deeds of white women in 2018, not just your words. 

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53% of white women voted for Trump. 63% of you for the detestable Roy Moore.   It's not  just a recent patten, it's a historic one going back to the suffragist moment in which you threw women of color under the bus to get the right to vote for yourselves.

In my home state of Texas,  during the 2014 election cycle, despite having  two women on the ballot running for governor and lieutenant governor in Wendy Davis and Leticia Van de Putte,  66% of Texas white women overwhelmingly cast their ballots for Greg Abbott.

What were Texas Black and Latinx women doing?  As usual, handling their business.  Texas Black women were putting intersectionality into pragmatic action as 94% of them supported Davis, and Texas Latinas voted 61% for Davis.

Image result for black women votersSo yeah white women, Cecile Richards is right.   Y'all must do better.  You must tackle that internalized misogyny and your transphobia and make true sisterhood a reality, not a dream..

It can't be just Black and Latinx women doing all the heavy lifting to make this country better  while you keep throwing a monkey wrench in the process by voting overwhelmingly for Republicans who oppress all of us.

Y'all have some work to do in Texas and elsewhere in 2018, and it starts today .

Thanks Cecile Richards for saying it.

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